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Let's talk  extensions...

Step 1

Fill out the pre-consultation form linked below to tell me about your hair currently and what your dream hair looks like

Step 2

I'll review your answers and email you within 24 hours with an estimated price range. You'll then have the opportunity to book an in-person consultation if you'd like to move forward

Step 3

At your in-person consultation, I will color match your hair or suggest color options if needed, as well as give a final price quote and set up your install date. A retainer will be due at this time.

Your Install Appointment

This is it! Your appointment will include installation of your extensions, cutting to blend, styling and of course a few before & after photos. We'll go over all home care instructions and you'll take home a complimentary care kit to get you started. I'll set up a post-install appointment in 6-8 weeks either to check in on your keratin bonds or move up your wefts, and you'll go home prepared to love your hair every single day!

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