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Volume Enhancing

I specialize in adding extensions to create believable fullness and length. Seeing a certified extension stylist can give you peace of mind knowing your hair is in the best hands, ensuring the most natural looking and safest install possible.

Is your hair thinner than it used to be?
Been damaged from agressive color?
Extensions may be perfect for you!
Individual Keratin Bonds
  • 3-5 month wear

  • Little to no salon maintenance between installs

  • Single use hair - new hair will be applied at each install

  • Easy to conceal and wear hair up

  • Excellent for fine, thin hair

  • 1-4 hour application time

  • Cutting, Blending & style included

Beaded Row Wefts
  • 6-10 week in-salon maintenance

  • Extension hair can be used up to 12 months

  • Concealed bead installation

  • Great for adding length and/or thickness quickly

  • Good for all hair types

  • 45-120 minute install

  • Cutting, Blending and style included

  • Maintenance fees: 1 Row - $125, 2 rows - $225, 3 rows - $325, mini move-up $50-75

Hand-Tied Wefts Reimagined

laying even flatter, no more bulky corners, no more unraveling, only the most comfortable wear

Initial Investment

Listed pricing is meant to give a general range. Subject to change.

Final quote given at consultation.

Add thickness to trouble spots

(such as thin sides)


Add thickness to short-medium length hair


Add thickness to long hair


Add Length to achieve medium length


Add Length to achieve long length


Add Length to achieve mega length


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  • Will extensions damage my hair?
    While no stylist or technique can guarantee zero damage from extensions, I only use methods that I believe are safe for your hair. Your hair texture, density and condition will help me decide which method will be best. Seeing a certified extension artist is an important part of a healthy extension application and removal. Proper home care is also essential in preventing damage, ultimately it is up to each client to avoid pulling their extensions and creating damage. I have been certified in Fusion, Tape-In and Weft extensions, along with years of experience and continous education to stay current on the best and safest options to offer my clients. All extension clients receive a home care instruction sheet and kit to set you up for success!
  • What kind of extensions do you offer?
    I am certified in Keratin Fusion Bond, Beaded Weft, and Tape-In extension methods. Each method has its perks, and a consultation is the best way to decide which are right for you. Start by clicking the "Begin you consultation" button above.
  • Will my extensions show/Can I wear my hair up?
    The short answer is yes! I always allow room around your hairline and part to conceal your extensions whether you're wearing your hair up or down. You're extensions should be virtually invisible. There may be select circumstances where extensions may need to be placed in a way that it would limit your styling options, but this will always be discussed and agreed upon before placement.
  • What is included in an initial install visit?
    Your initial install visit will include a clarifying shampoo to provide a cleanse surface, installation of chosen extensions, a finishing style, and of course a few before and after photos! At the conclusion of your appointment, you'll receive an extension care kit including trial sizes of all suggested products as well as a care sheet we'll go over together to be sure you know what to expect in caring for your new hair.
  • What is included in a maintenance visit?
    A maintenance visit for wefts extensions will include removal and reapplication of your extensions. A light trim of the extensions may be necessary, as they are 100% human hair and can get split ends just like our own. A shampoo & style may be added to your move-up service but is not required or included.
  • What will my daily routine be like?
    A wonderful plus of wearing extensions is your style lasting longer! You will be able to go 3-5 days between washing and styling. This is a great break for your natural hair if you're used to having to wash and style daily and often results in healthier hair over time! Daily tasks to care for your extensions will include brushing multiple times throughout the day to avoid tangles and applying oil to the mids and ends at least twice daily to get the best longevity out of your extension hair.
  • Can I treat extensions like my own hair?
    I only use 100% human hair. It can be shampooed, conditioned and styled just like your natural hair. However, you should take care of your extensions the way you should be taking care of your own hair, with the utmost care! Things like brushing starting at the ends, using heat protectant and a regular deep conditioner should be part of our routine with our natural hair, but is even more important if you choose to invest in extensions.
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